Saturday, September 15, 2007

Welcome To Princess TV!

Welcome to Princess TV with Lauren, your hostess!

Hello. I'm your princess from Princess T.V. The only channel that’s made especially for all the Princesses around the world. To me, all girls are princesses. Boys are welcome too.

Please come and visit often. Let's all get together and be friends. Make sure to leave a comment with your first name only so we can get to know each other better.

And Now It's Time For "The Princess Minute"

Here, you'll find the news that kids like you and I care about. Princesses all over the world are excited about the new movies, “High School Musical 2” and “Hairspray.” Didn't we all just LOVE the first, “High School Musical,” movie?

I went to see the movie “Hairspray” and LOVED IT! I also saw the original "Hairspray" movie and LOVED IT ALSO! I encourage you all to rent it and you'll see what I mean. I'll fill you in with my thoughts about it later.

Tell me what you like to do when you leave a comment. I want to know more about you and I'll tell you all about me too.

You can also come here for games and more. I'll even share some of my writing from time to time.

This has been your hostess for "The Princess T.V. Minute."

Signing off for now. Until next time, remember you're a Princess For Life! I am too!

Yours truly,

Princess Lauren

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