Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to be Respectful: Peer Advice for Girls

There are many ways to be respectful. It’s not hard at all! The simplest way is to do as you are told right away. You could also say, “Yes ma'am,” or “No ma’am,” according to the situation. Or you could either say, “Yes sir,” or, “No sir,” according to the conversation.

Now this one might seem hard, but it sure is helpful when it comes to this. You look at the person who is speaking. You make eye-contact, just showing that you’re paying attention to them, that’s all.

Another great way to be respectful is when someone gives you a gift, present, or any type of thing that shows kindness, you should show gratitude by saying, “Thank you,” or making a very appreciative comment.

This one might be something you might do for a good friend, family member, or anybody, just simply doing something nice to or for them that will make them feel happy, like taking them to an amusement park, swimming, to a museum, or even just hanging out with them from time to time. An awesome thing is to be able to give someone a compliment from time to time. Or not laughing at someone even if everyone else is laughing, YOU DON’T!

Even if other people say it’s cool to laugh at other people. Actually, come to think of it, it’s really not that funny! You might even be known as the nerd, or uncool kid, but, to the person who you didn’t laugh at, to them you are a hero or even a friend to them.

So at the end, you actually win! You’re the one who stood up like an adult. You are the greatest student to your teacher and you’re also a leader.

If you actually listen to my tips, you are going to be a great person, guaranteed.

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